China calls for unimpeded path for Palestine's accession to the UN



China calls on relevant countries not to create obstacles to Palestine's accession to the United Nations (UN) and not to continue to oppose the international community, international justice, and human conscience, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Monday.


Wang made the remarks at a regular press briefing when asked to outline China's position on the issue of Palestine's accession to the UN.


On May 10, the special emergency session of the UN General Assembly passed a resolution by an overwhelming majority, recognizing Palestine's qualification for full UN membership and recommending that the Security Council reconsider its application. China co-sponsored the resolution and gave an affirmative vote.


"The Chinese representative has already elaborated extensively on our position in the interpretive statement following the vote," said Wang, noting that statehood has long been an aspiration of the Palestinian people and full UN membership is a crucial step in this historic process.


He added that supporting and promoting Palestine's independence as a sovereign state provides a strong guarantee for implementing the two-state solution and achieving lasting peace in the Middle East, which is also a strong appeal from the international community and a shared responsibility of all parties.


Wang said China supports the UN Security Council in reconsidering Palestine's request to join the UN as soon as possible, in accordance with the resolution's requirements.


The resolution sets forth additional provisions for Palestine's participation in UN-related activities and meetings, granting new rights and privileges to Palestine, said Wang, adding that these special provisions are a remedy for the long-standing injustices suffered by Palestinians and a correction to the abuse of veto power by the United States.


"We hope that Palestine becomes a full-fledged member of the UN and enjoys full and equal rights at the UN like other member states," said Wang.


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