Chinese ambassador reinforces feeling of friendship and understanding between the two nations




The representative of Chinese diplomacy in Portugal, Zhao Bentang, highlights the political trust and mutual understanding between the two countries of which Macau is a good example

The Chinese ambassador to Portugal, Zhao Bentang, highlighted to Lusa “the solid trust” between the two countries, resulting from the peaceful transfer of the Macau administration, and stated that “understanding” prevails even in the “most critical” current global situation.


“We have substantial political trust between the two countries because the issue of Macau's return to the People's Republic of China is an example of countries resolving the problem of sovereignty through peaceful negotiations”, he considered, in an interview with the Lusa agency.


Therefore, he said, relations of “exchange, coordination, and support for the stability and development of Macau” are maintained.


In addition to the positive assessment of the Macau process, the diplomat highlighted the frequent contacts and visits between government officials of the two countries, as happened in the recent exchange of messages between presidents and heads of Diplomacy as part of the celebration of 45 years of official diplomatic relations between Lisbon and Beijing.


“We can say that the 45 years [of official diplomatic relations] have had very positive results. And now, faced with the most critical global situation, the two countries unite, we communicate and understand each other to face challenges and we have a similar strategy for economic development.

Change in speed
China, he stressed, now has new concepts of development”, exchanging the old model of “speed, quantity” for one of “quality”.


The new model also includes innovation, technology, and renewable resources and, therefore, there are also “points of consensus to cooperate” with Portugal.


The ambassador indicated that “more than 30 Chinese companies” in Portugal cover sectors in “almost all areas, from energy to banking, and “there is excellent cooperation” in the culture sector, as evidenced by the activities now scheduled within the scope of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), in addition to “three joint laboratories” under the “new silk road” strategy.


The 40 Chinese universities that teach the Portuguese language and the “13 Portuguese schools that teach Chinese” were also listed.


China wants initiatives for a “world with a shared future”, with Zhao Bentang recalling President Xi Jinping’s proposals for “multi-polarization and economic globalization”.


“A multi-polarization [based] on principles of equality and order”, highlighted the ambassador, echoing the Chinese vision that “all countries are equal, small or large, poor or rich” and that economic globalization must “respect principles of benefits mutual and must also be inclusive”.


Lisbon and Beijing share common views, according to Zhao Bentang, on the “concept of economic development” and “maintaining friendship and cooperation with principles recognized by both parties”.


“We have a very strong foundation and complementarity and we believe that the future of relations will be even greater”, he considered.



Hoje Macau